• Solar Screw Deep Well Pump 2nd Generation

Summary of use

1.For distribution of water or similar physical and chemical properties of liquid water.

2.The medium ph between 5-9, medium temperature less than 60℃.

3.The power supply voltage must be consistent with electric pulmp voltage, voltage tolerance of 10%.

4.Red line(+) pumps wire connected to the positive(+)power supply, this series no need controller.


Mode Voltage Current Power Outlet Max Flow Max Head Cable
JZDCBS-24-400 24V 9A 220W 25MM 3m³/h 30M 20M
JZDCBS-36-300 36V 8.3A 300W 25MM 3m³/h 40M 20M
JZDCBS-48-400 48V 8.3A 400W 25MM 3m³/h 60M 20M
JZDCBS-72-600 72V 8.3A 600W 25MM 3m³/h 70M 20M

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